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Santiago Alberione

Santiago Alberione College belongs to the Congregation of the "Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd - Little Shepherds" and is directed by the sisters, who participate in the pastoral mission of Christ the Good Shepherd for the building of Christian communities in communion with the pastors. of the church, acting through evangelization, catechesis, liturgical animation and other forms of service according to the charism of the Institute, according to the demands of the times and places.

In 1983 the Sisters made the decision to do some concrete work for the benefit of the community that surrounds us and after a long discernment in the light of the Lord they decided to create the preschool; This work was placed under the protection of Father Santiago Alberione, founder of the Little Shepherd Sisters. Where we base the education of our students on giving an integral formation in their knowledge and doing, building their life project in an option of faith, lived in the following of Jesus Christ.

In November 1985 the work began in the multiple room of the house of the Sisters and on February 14, 1986 with the collaboration of Sr. Hilda Dávalos, Yamile Chavarría and a teacher in charge begin work. 

Thanks to Kindermissio it was possible to acquire a van to carry out school transport, later it was necessary to hire a bus as the number of students increased.

In 1992 the corner room was built, due to a visit from the Secretary of Education who recommended having a learning room where there would be: television, movies, puppets, library, toys, etc. With the increase in children, the need to build room number 6 was seen, seeking to continue improving in 1994 the basketball court was roofed so that students had a covered place to play.

In 2001, the name of the Santiago Alberione Infant Garden institution was changed to Santiago Alberione School. The school includes sports schools such as: soccer, swimming, artistic and linear skating, cheerleading and gymnastics. Due to a strong hailstorm, the roof of the field fell and in March 2003 the decision was made to build a coliseum with multiple uses such as: library service, videos, movies and, at the same time, to hold meetings and sports days.

It is important to highlight the work carried out by the sisters: Hilda Dávalos Cáceres, Rosa Edilma Pinilla Molina, Yamile Chavarría Gómez and Piedad Morales Osorio who, with their qualities as educators and committed to their Catholic faith and identified with the mission of Christ the Good Shepherd, have enriched and favored the healthy coexistence and formation in values of all the members of the educational community.
Year after year we have characterized ourselves by providing the best for each of our students. During the time of work, progress and achievements have been made in terms of the adequacy of the physical plant, also due to its organization, responsibility, highly qualified teaching staff and above all for providing an excellent academic level and a moral formation based on values. .

As a day-to-day educational community we provide alternatives for socio-affective, cognitive, psychomotor and language development in children of preschool and school age, placing them in a conducive and pleasant environment that favors the teaching and learning process; Since with this we seek to lead the student to be a person who evolves in his own authenticity, creativity, independence and who also recognizes his values and those of others; so that in the future our students are well-formed men for life, transcendence and love with the spirit of the Gospel.

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