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Our pedagogical approach is based on providing a rigorous and updated curriculum, taught by highly trained teachers who are passionate about their work


They guide and motivate our students, fostering a love of learning and providing a supportive environment

Docentes de institucion religiosa en bogotá


Stay informed about the latest news and important events through our circulars

Ganadora premio escolar
Estudiante, padre de familia y rectora

Attention to parents

We are available to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with the necessary support

Charla a estudiantes de jardin

Class schedule

We organize our class schedules effectively to make the most of our students' learning time

Evaluation schedule

We value the importance of an effective and fair evaluation to measure the academic progress of our students.

Estudiante en presentacion academica

General schedule

Our general schedule gives you an overview of scheduled events and activities

Estudiantes formados
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